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    Welcome to Tallaght Smart Grid Test Bed


We are located in Tallaght, Dublin 24, and are developing Ireland’s 1st SmartEnergy Test-Bed.   Learn how you can test your own technology in the Real World Field Laboratory of Energy ‘Prosumers’ (Producing Consumers) working live on the Electricity System. 


Tallaght SmartGrid is regulated by contract:

f​Supported by MEGA, South Dublin City Council, SEAI, EI, IERC
fInvolving Enerson, MPower, Endeco-Technologies, Crowley Engineering, Sunstream Energy, Turmec Engineering
fPartners include Siemens, Freqcon, Maxwell, Arcogen International, Hybrid Energy, Technology University of Dublin

Microgeneration has been described as:

f​Smallscale generation of heating, cooling and electricity-delivering energy by individuals and Smart Meters in order to meet their own needs.

f​Different forms of grouped or co-operative small-scale productions at community level existing to meet local needs.                                                    

                                        Rapidly Changing Energy Systems

Off – Grid  f

Establishing standalone,  individual, and group energy systems and Stand-alone Micro-Grids.

Smart – Micro  e

Smart Micro Energy Systems are regulated by contract to provide Grid support and Local Energy Solutions. It builds towards Smart Micro Grid Cells meshed into emerging Smart Grids.

g  Self-Install

To install Distributed Energy Resources (generators, batteries etc,) to have more local ownership and control.

n Technologies

Microgeneration includes a variety of technologies (hydropower, geothermal, solar power, marine, wind, heat pump, biomass) having a specific focus on the renewable and sustainable dimensions

All you need to know about Smart-Grids


Model City



Glensamole White Energy Community

MEGA and South Dublin City Council now intend to increase capacity and scale to develop and test innovative solutions that integrates Smart Energy Systems and Utility Grids.

Battery Storage Systems with advanced Power Converters are the ideal solution to stabilize power networks with high renewable penetration.

 Prosumers offer value in      transforming our energy system, balancing local generation (White Energy) and in forming the basis for Smart Grid development.

Tallaght City Smart Energy Hub

Smart Synchronous Power & Inertia Solutions

Smart Energy


Including Electricity

The Smart Micro Energy Cluster system is under-developed by MPOWER and is centered around the Smart Micro Energy Test Bed (a South Dublin County Council partnership).

Distributed energy generation can cause system imbalances, but this can be compensated by increased flexibility from Prosumers.


The EU Energy Directive is to compel energy efficiency & security in the grid through small scale local energy production and consumption.  Smart Grids hold out for the Solution.

Smart Local Network Support Services

Smart Grid 

Support Services

 Solving of the current problems of      Grid Stabilization in order to provide    and benefit our willing Prosumers      with as seamless transition to Local      Energy Communities as possible.

Directly supporting and serving the needs of all participating Prosumers involved by providing community based grid-balancing services, and balance of transactions controlled at grid supply to a community interface.

Latest News

Find exciting new developments in our Smart Grid Technology HERE.

The Tallaght SmartGrid began from concept in 2009 and has begun the realized dreams of smartcluster setup.  Read all about new partnerships, collaborators and how we are re-defining the Irish energy industry.

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Founding Partners

Our vision is to facilitate Prosumers in the Tallaght Testbed community in order to promote local clean energy generation for local consumption in real-time.  Our Founding Partners and Stakeholders listed below are invested in regulating and controlling Smart Micro Energy Clusters together, carving out a strong niche in this important new Irish market.


m​The Citizen is the Architect of the Smart Grid – The Community is the Heart of the Smart Grid.  m

Dudley Stewart – C. Eng.  MPower

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